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April 1, 2021

What it is to be Elite? by Rob Crews

"This one thing is for sure, the game will let you know when you're not elite."

Rob Crews

“This one thing is for sure, the game will let you know when you’re not elite.” “Elite is mindset, not a club. Elite is a habit -a lifestyle. Not for the gram, but for when no one is watching. The real ones don’t care who knows they’re working because you will find out when you see them play.” There is a social definition of the word elite and in most sports simply cultural or subcultural to the sport and/or in many cases to the region in which we live in for that sport. The social definition is solely based on club or membership or entitlements and the portrait that I can portray myself to be whereas people who are actually Elite are basing their Elite status on the fact that they are living a specific lifestyle and they have a particular mindset and that lifestyle and mindset is not only social or solely based on membership but rather on results and the consistency of those results. Bottom line is one cannot pay for their elite status in cash. It isn’t a membership – it is a mentality. A mindset and a way of going about your day to day. Elite is what I never have to post. When I’m elite I don’t have to say it about my self. Others will say it for me.

The Ferrari Drill

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March 21, 2021

Developing Elite Mindsets

"The conversation in the car and the kitchen table is what ultimately shapes a child's perspective about who they are and what they can accomplish. We as the adults, have to be more intentional about using the power of our words for the development of the mindset."

Rob Crews


The creation of a mindset. A mindset is usually created in a home, a school system, church, or any institution that has influence over how we shape our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Specifically, about ourselves and what we are capable of.  

Unfortunately, many of our youth leagues have failed the next generation of would-be pros and elites. They have created a culture that doesn’t push and challenge players at a young age. These leagues have made it too easy. Combing fun with adversity is what shapes us and makes us who we are. Some people fold under adversity and others thrive because of it. If you are the former then you just don’t belong at an elite level. Simple as that.  Everyone can’t be elite.  That’s why it is called elite because there aren’t that many people there. 

January 6, 2021

Rob ads VR Training to his Rake Sessions

"Whatever pin you create, you must remember it, otherwise you will do tee work instead of VR, as I will not have time to help anyone figure it out. We literally have to throw on the headset, select your custom program, and go."

Rob Crews

As many of you have probably heard I will be implementing virtual reality pitch recognition training into the hitting sessions (beginning next week). In the link below, each player can register themselves onto my personal platform. I will be creating custom hitting experiences for each player based on past assessments and whatever I feel they need to work on. For some, it may be inside pitches, for others it could be outside, fastballs, drop balls, curveballs, or riseballs.

On January 18th, the same system will interface with Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracker, giving us the ability to assess the swing path with pitch location (all virtually). I am very excited and grateful that I am able to bring you the best and most recent technology. 

Some of you have already purchased your own headsets and you are welcome to bring them. For everyone else, I have headsets and individual face covers for sanitary and safety concerns. Hitters I am training remotely, you need your own headsets. 

Remember, whatever login credentials you create using the signup link below, will be how I can track your VR Training no matter where you are training.  

Rob Crews
December 17, 2020

Eyes Lead the Body Seminar

December 16, 2020

Virtual Reality and Complete Game

"When it comes to technology of any kind, even my cell phone, I am not a follower. I have to be able to predict the integrity of the company ..."

Over the past 20 something years, I have taken a particularly keen interest in the area of vision and cognitive training of athletes. Consequently, I have researched so many programs and books and employed various technologies that have given us so much insight into how I can help hitters both process what they saw visually and then have the appropriate response to that visual stimulus. I have come to the conclusion that some programs specific strneghts and weaknesses, I haven’t really been able to find the right one especially, one that can provide us with information that actually measures progress and measures that progress undoubtedly.
My vetting process and level of scrutiny in which I evaluate new technologies in any area is very very high. When it comes to technology of any kind, even my cell phone, I am not a follower. It has to the best, period.
I have been in conversation with the people at WIN Reality and with my people at Diamond Kinetics and I have decided to move forward in 2021 with WIN Reality VR as the main way in which to evaluate and create programs for my clients both in-house and remotely. Stay tuned for more information on how I’ll be employing this and I appreciate all those who have been riding with me on this journey, 

Power Hitting Series 2

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Power Hitting Series 1

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